Name: Amway River Bank Run 25K (U.S. Championships), 10K, & 5K

Distance: 25K, 10K, 5K

Date: May 11, 2019

City: Grand Rapids

State: MI

Country: USA

Size: 15,000 (3 events combined)

Web site:

Prize money: $116,400 all races: $117,300 guaranteed in 25K and $4,000 in 10K plus 5K. Also $20,000 available in record bonuses (see below).

First place male: 25K: $10,000 (10 deep); $1,500 masters (5 deep). Extra $2,500 for man winning the gender challenge (women given head start).

First place female: 25K: $10,000; $1,500 masters. Extra $2,500 for woman winning the gender challenge (women given head start).

Bonuses: World Record (25K, M/F) $10,000; American Record (25K, M/F): $10,000. American who sets WR receives bonus for both WR and AR, i.e. $20,000

Prize website:

History website:

Last year male winning time: 1:14:52 in 2018 (25k; Sam Chelanga)

Last year female winning time: 1:25:35 (25k) in 2018 (25K; Aliphine Tuliamuk)

Last year results website:



Large race: Yes

Prize money: Yes

Expo: Yes

Expo website:

Notes: U.S. 25K: Double dipping allowed. For wheelchair and handcycle divisions see URL for prizes. Wheelchairs see prize page.