Name: Utica Boilermaker Road Race 15K & 5K VIRTUAL IN 2020 September 1-13 (no prize money)

Distance: 15K, 5K

Date: Jul 12, 2020

City: Utica

State: NY

Country: USA

Size: 14,500 in 15K; 4,500 in 5K (caps)

Web site:

Prize money: NONE IN 2020 $65,100 (15K only) includes masters and U.S. citizens. Also PRRO Circuit prize.

First place male: None in 2020; 15K: $7,000 (10 deep); $2,000 masters (5 deep);. $3,000 U.S. citizen (5 deep)

First place female: None in 2020: 15K: $7,000 (10 deep); $2,000 masters (5 deep);. $3,000 U.S. citizen (5 deep)

Bonuses: None in 2020: $10,000 to winner if winner has won at least one of the other circuit races. In 2020 that will include as a possibility the 2019 Boilermaker. See

Prize website:

History website:

Last year male winning time: 43:36 in 2019 (Gabriel Geay)

Last year female winning time: 49:08 in 2019 (Caroline Rotich)

Last year results website:



Large race: No

Prize money: Yes

Expo: No

Expo website:

Notes: This race is being held virtually in 2020 with no prize money. It is included as a prize money race for future reference only, Normally, double- and triple-dipping OK. PRRO circuit championships prize money available. See and