Name: Medtronic TC Mile

Distance: 1 Mile

Date: May 9, 2019

City: St. Paul

State: MN


Size: 2,500

Web site:

Prize money: $25,000 plus $10,000 ER bonus in 2018. Expected to be similar in 2019. Points available toward additional prize money through Bring Back the Mile GP Tour. See

First place male: $5,000 (10 deep) in 2018 .

First place female: $5,000 (10 deep in 2018.

Bonuses: ER (M/F; winners only; 3:55.8 / 4:30.8): $10,000

Prize website:

History website:

Last year male winning time: 4:19.6 (Aaron Easker) in 2018

Last year female winning time: 5:00l8 (Nikki Paradis) in 2018

Last year results website:



Large race: No

Prize money: Yes

Expo: No

Expo website: