Name: Akron's Children's Hospital Akron Marathon & Half Marathon

Distance: Marathon, Half Marathon

Date: Sep 29, 2018

City: Akron

State: OH


Size: 1,100 in marathon; 3500 in half marathon

Web site:

Prize money: $24,750 total. $18,000 in marathon; $6,750 in half marathon, plus bonuses.

First place male: $2,500 in marathon; $750 for first Ohioan; $1,000 in half marathon

First place female: $2,500 in marathon in 2017; $750 for first Ohioan; $1,000 in half marathon

Bonuses: ER: $550 for both open and masters event records, in both marathon and half marathon. See prize page for existing records. Time incentives in marathon: $275 sub 2:20 men, 2:45 women; $275 sub 2:18 men, sub 2:42 women. (Time incentives are cumulative.)

Prize website:

History website:

Last year male winning time: 2:23:39 in 2017 (marathon; Blair Teal); 1:05:16 (half marathon; Kevin Castille)

Last year female winning time: 2:52:29 in 2017 (marathon; Emma McCarron); 1:20:09 (half marathon; Liz Weiler)

Last year results website:



Large race: Yes

Prize money: Yes

Expo: Yes

Expo website: