Name: Toyota Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon & Half Marathon

Distance: Marathon, Half Marathon

Date: Nov 11, 2018

City: Las Vegas

State: NV


Size: 24,000 (two events combined)

Web site:

Prize money: $3,400 total. Marathon: $1,700. Half Marathon: $1,700.

First place male: $500 in both marathon and half marathon.

First place female: $500 in both marathon and half marathon.

Bonuses: .

Prize website:

History website:

Last year male winning time: 2:38:04 in 2017 (marathon; Gilles Rubio). 1:04:14 (half marathon; Jeffrey Eggleston)

Last year female winning time: 2:55:19 in 2017 (marathon; Marisa Hird). 1:18:02 (half marathon; Janet Bawcom)

Last year results website:



Large race: Yes

Prize money: Yes

Expo: Yes

Expo website:

Notes: Marathon & half marathon begin at 4:30 pm