Name: Manitoba Marathon & Half Marathon (Canadian Half Marathon Championships)

Distance: Marathon, Half Marathon

Date: Jun 16, 2019

City: Winnipeg

State: Manitoba

Country: Canada

Size: 2,900 in two races combined; additional 2,000 in less competitive 10K)

Web site:

Prize money: $23,500 total. $3,500 in marathon; $20,000 in half marathon championships prizes. Must be member of Athletics Canada to receive half marathon championship prize money.

First place male: Marathon (open): $1,000 (3 deep); Half Marathon Championships: $5,000 (5 deep)

First place female: Marathon (open): $1,000 (3 deep); Half Marathon Championships: $5,000 (5 deep)


Prize website:

History website:

Last year male winning time: 2:37:48 in 2018 (marathon; Corey Gallagher); 1:09:04 (half marathon; Abdusalem Yussuf).

Last year female winning time: 3:02:51 in 2018 (marathon; Amy Feit); 1:25:18 (half marathon; Darolyn Walker).

Last year results website:,2,9,8%5D



Large race: Yes

Prize money: Yes

Expo: Yes

Expo website: