Name: Good Life Halfsy: In-Person Nov. 1 (sold out); Virtual Oct. 26-Nov. 8

Distance: Half Marathon

Date: Nov 1, 2020

City: Linoln

State: NE

Country: USA

Size: 4,700

Web site:

Prize money: $1700 in 2019. Expected to be similar in 2020 for in-person race.

First place male: $500 (3 deep) in 2019

First place female: $500 (3 deep) in 2019


Prize website:

History website:

Last year male winning time: 1:06:35 (Phillip Duncan) in 2019

Last year female winning time: 1:14:48 in 2019 (Pasca Myers)

Last year results website:



Notes: In 2020 this will be held both in-person and virtually.