Name: Applied Materials Silicon Valley Turkey Trot: Men's Elite Invitational 5K & Women's Elite Invitational 5K

Distance: 5K

Date: Nov 24, 2022

City: San Jose

State: CA

Country: USA

Size: 100 elite & 21,000 general

Web site:

Prize money: TBA in 2022. Formerly (2019): $14,100 guaranteed plus bonuses

First place male: Formerly (2019): $2,500 open (6 deep); $200 masters; $500 PA/USATF member

First place female: Formerly (2019): $2,500 open (6 deep); $200 masters; $500 PA/USATF member

Bonuses: $5,000 for first to beat US 5K road record (M/F) in 2019.

Prize website:

History website:

Last year male winning time: 13:54 in 2019 (Aaron Templeton)

Last year female winning time: 15:41 in 2019 (Shannon Rowbury)

Last year results website:



Notes: Double dipping allowed for PA/USATF members. Size: 100 combined elite & Pacific Assn USATF Championship 5K. Separate men's and women's elite races on 4-loop USATF certified course. Followed by general participant 10K & 5K events (also USATF certified).