Name: Avenue of the Giants Marathon, Half Marathon & 10K

Distance: Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k

Date: May 7, 2023

City: Weott

State: CA

Country: USA

Size: 1,100 in marathon and half marathon combined

Web site:

Prize money: $3,000 total, winners only. $2,000 in marathon; $1,000 in half marathon.

First place male: $1,000 in marathon. Half marathon $500.

First place female: $1,000 in marathon. Half marathon $500.


Prize website:

History website:

Last year male winning time: 2:17:03 in 2022 (marathon; Grayson Hough); 1:12:50 (half marathon; Clancy McConnell)

Last year female winning time: 2:52:37 in 2022 (marathon; Alexandra Sciocchetti); 1:27:24 (half marathon; Paige Kouba).

Last year results website:



Notes: Cash prizes for winners only.