Name: United Community Bank Reedy River Run 10K & 5K & RRCA 10K State Championships

Distance: 10K, 5K

Date: Sep 6, 2021

City: Greenville

State: SC

Country: USA

Size: 2,600

Web site:

Prize money: $3,350 in 10K only. All cash prizes are for U.S. citizens and USATF members only, except for ER bonuses. See prize page.

First place male: $500 (5 deep); Open prizes for sub-32:30 only. 20% prize money reduction for time slower than 30:59.

First place female: $500 (5 deep); Open prizes for sub-37:00 only. 20% prize money reduction for time slower than 35:29.

Bonuses: ER (M/F) $500 (29:33 / 33:04), any nationality). Masters ER $250. Grandmasters ER $100. Time bonuses starting at $250 for men sub 29:45, women sub 33:30, smaller bonuses for slower times; only one time bonus per athlete; see prize page.

Prize website:

History website:

Last year male winning time: 30:19 in 2019 (James Quattlebaum)

Last year female winning time: 35:35 in 2019 (Esther Atkins)

Last year results website:



Notes: To be eligible for open awards, men must run under 32:30 and women under 37:00.