Name: United Airlines NYC Half Marathon

Distance: Half Marathon

Date: Mar 17, 2024

City: New York

State: NY

Country: USA

Size: 22,500

Web site:

Prize money: $115,000 includes NYRR club prizes in 2023. Expected to be similar in 2024. For NYRR prize eligibility, see notes below.

First place male: $20,000 in open (12 deep) in 2024; $1,500 NYRR member division (8 deep). $4,000 wheelchair (3 deep).

First place female: $20,000 in open (12 deep) in 2024; $1,500 NYRR member division (8 deep). $4,000 wheelchair (3 deep).


Prize website:

History website:

Last year male winning time: 1:01:31 in 2023 (Jacob Kiplimo)

Last year female winning time: 1:07:21 in 2023 (Hellen Obiri)

Last year results website:



Notes: Women must start as part of the women-only invitational start to be eligible for prize money in the open category.. To be eligible for any NYRR member awards, an athlete must be a member in good standing of NYRR since September 17, 2018. NYRR member prize money will be determined by order of finish based on gun time. Eligible women competing in the women-only invitational start will be given priority for NYRR member prize money based on order of finish. If fewer than eight eligible NYRR members finish from the women-only invitational start, NYRR member prize money will be awarded based on the combined finish order of women from the women-only invitational start and the mass race, instead. Athletes who have been suspended for doping by a governing body are not eligible to participate in, and should not apply for entry in, NYRR races. Extenuating circumstances may be reviewed by the NYRR Race Director.